Board of directors

Board of directors

Board of directors

Highly committed, independent, balanced board in combination and enriched with the diversity of its members, determines the strategic orientations of the holding above the dawn of the strategy and ensures and monitors their implementation. 


Abelardo’s organizational chart is as follows: 


It is the board of directors, managing director, consultants, commissions, deputies, managers and executive staff 

 The diversity and complementarity of industrial, entrepreneurial, financial and extra-financial specialties of managers means that they actively and regularly participate in the work of the board and its specialized committee such as strategy and sustainability committee, audit committee, human resources and legal committee, marketing committee committee  And branding, trade commission, production and research commission actively play a role. 

 Managers are committed and active and are guided by the belief that strict governance creates value for the company and forms a plan for sustainable development, they always express their opinions, taking into account social and environmental risks in their decisions.  , The long-term interests of customers and the company are considered first.