For beauty with no animal testing

For beauty without animal experiments

For beauty without animal experiments

Today, the lack of animal testing on cosmetics is one of the most important issues in all standards that we in Abelardo follow.

Animal testing is considered a violent and inhumane method, and fortunately, with the advancement of science, alternative methods of animal testing are growing rapidly.

The reasons for insisting on animal testing are often not scientific, and scientific methods can be used to perform alternative tests for reassurance, which include:

1- Cell culture:

Almost all human and animal cells can be grown in the laboratory. Human cells to create a creative method called organ-on chips, which can be used instead of animals for biological studies and processes of drug metabolism.

Cell culture is a key method in cases such as cancer, sepsis, kidney disease and AIDS and is commonly used in chemical immunosuppression, vaccine and drug production.

2- Human tissues:

Both healthy and diseased tissue donated by human volunteers can provide a better way to study human biology and disease than animal experiments.

Human tissues are donated through surgery. Skin and eye models made from cell regeneration are a good alternative to rabbit stimulation experiments.

3- Computer models:

With the development of computers and the ability to model and simulate the human body, the possibility of virtual studies and experiments has been provided. Computer models of the heart, lungs, kidneys, skin and digestive system are currently available. They can be used to perform virtual experiments based on available information and mathematical data

4- Studies on volunteers:

Rapid advances in technology have made it possible to develop advanced scanning machines, microdosing recording techniques, etc. that can be used to study the safety of human volunteers.