Innovating for people

Innovating For People

When diversity inspires science!

There are as many beautiful shapes as there are people on earth, and our mission is to provide a range of cosmetic experiences that affirm individuality. Our goal, which is to meet all of our customers’ needs in their infinite variety, is ambitious but vital. To meet this challenge, our research and innovation teams are constantly expanding their knowledge of skin and hair types to better understand a variety of beauty rituals and provide appropriate solutions. Science is our best ally to achieve our goal.

The beauty routines that have been passed down through the generations, influenced by the weather and repeated thousands of times, are inherently tied to tradition. That is why we develop care and medical supplies based on the analysis of those rituals. What we learn from these observations inspires us to use ingredients around the world and create intercultural innovations based on our knowledge and understanding of pervasive beauty.

Science to strengthen consumer confidence

The development of beauty apps has sparked debates about the safety of cosmetics that are directly available to consumers, without providing them with all the elements they need to have an enlightening view. Under no circumstances should the safety assessment of a care product be based solely on the presence or absence of certain ingredients. Taking into account consumer concerns, our researchers have reviewed the way new products are produced. They take this notion of safety into account, while remaining inconsistent with material safety, product quality and performance, and the accuracy of product claims.

Similarly, the Abelardo team has accelerated the provision of quality information about all ingredients to consumers: because they are used in a health product, their useful concentration, origin and traceability, their preparation with the least environmental impact. Possible, and the moral and social conditions of their production