Innovating in the digital rena

Innovation in the digital arena

Innovation in the digital arena

Due to the increasing development of digital space, Abelardo Collection, due to its expertise in this field, has organized and held specialized and innovative festivals, seminars and participation in specialized workshops, as well as the formation and participation of specialized and innovative in the field of digital marketing. And branding is trying to get a significant share in this field.

Our goal is to strengthen this relationship by informing people about our products and services and by listening to them as we talk about our desires and aspirations for beauty. In an increasingly digital world, this conversation involves the use of technological power.


According to the ideal of the collection and the Abelardo brand, which is the science based on the beauty and power of nature, in order to achieve this important vision of partnering with beauty and independent brands and research groups in the field of technology startups as well as open innovations in The digital arena has been developed with the help of which we can guide the beautiful future properly

Product innovation

Abelardo Group, according to the goals set by the board and their firm belief in progress and innovation in the field of production with the help of specialized and research groups to innovate products and update their products taking into account the pillars of innovation at the top of the agenda. And put their efforts.

Also, Abelardo has innovated its products by considering quality along with safety, which is our most important priority, along with observing science and ethics and moving towards fair procurement and respecting customer rights, and observing the necessary issues to protect the environment.