Respecting Human Rights

Respecting Human Rights

Respecting Human Rights

Human rights may seem like an abstract subject, but the reality of their impact on individual and social life cannot be ignored. According to the definition of the World Organization, freedom of expression, proper employment, protection of privacy, right to life and safety and health are the most important features of human rights that we at Abelardo strive to maintain health and safety in the field of beauty and health.

Public access to health and beauty and the exercise of the right to be valuable; It is part of human rights and it is the duty of the Abelardo team and all human beings.

Within Abelardo, we are a company of humans whose actions and products affect humans as well as our planet. Thus, it is our duty to respect human rights by avoiding the negative effects of our activities on people and the planet and creating positive effects wherever we can.

Empowering communities and geographical location

We believe in public access and empowerment of communities and the easy use of health and beauty to gain a sense of human dignity that is part of human rights. That’s right

Our responsibility to human rights

Within Abelardo, we believe it is our responsibility to share our growth and its benefits. Our team is committed to making tangible improvements in the community in which we live.

This means going beyond the mere “supplier” and “consumer” relationships. Our suppliers are the partners we partner with to meet our sustainability commitments. We are exploring new forms of collaboration across the supply chain: ethical resources, training, sustainable partnerships … These actions shape our principles and allow us to play an active role in shaping a better environment for all. Have, especially among your customers. At Abelardo, we place particular emphasis on improving women’s rights, health and living standards.

Our next brands have a big role to play in achieving this goal. They support their goals and strategies through their diversity, history and commitments.